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Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
Cosgrach didn't answer right away, but thought about her potion. He had a great memory when it came to potions stuff, so he didn't need to check her ingredients list again. Instead, he said "Your potion wouldn't cause any side effects," he said, "so the only problem with it would be the overeating." He couldn't help but smile. Hehe. "Of course, we won't know for sure, but, I think it'll suffice to drink one more dose when it wears off." So, no extra ingredient or something to add. However...

"I think it's better if we replaced dragon horns with a piece of kneazle tongue. Dragon horn has no... effect in what you want." He made an apologetic face. Although it was 'cool', it would only poison it. "Cats, however, are picky when it comes to food and we want the perception of tongue anyway." So... all set?
...Why wasn't he answering her?

Lux was beginning to wonder if she had asked a dumb question when the Professor answered. Phew. She didn't want to look silly in front of a GENIUS potion master.

No side effects, gotcha. She hadn't been TOO sure about that, because she wasn't as well-versed when it came the the more mundane of ingredients. She was really proud of herself at how much better she had become at the whole science, and next term they would brew more potions together which was exciting.

In her notebook, she recorded everything that he told her though she was amused when he brought up the dragon horns. "I admit that I only added those to the list because DRAGONZ." Hehe. Call her silly, but she liked dragons. No effect was better than a bad effect, right? "Noted change. Thanks, Professor. I hadn't thought of adding the kneazle tongue." Duh, it was so obvious looking back on it.

Since she was running lower on time, Lux decided to cut things short so she would ask ONE more question unless anything he told her made her come up with other ones. "I was also wondering for the amounts... is it best to stick with a number like seven for the mundane ingredients, and use a less powerful number for the magical ones?" Honestly she didn't know much about numbers and power, but she did know that seven was MAGICAL.
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