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Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
This was wrong.

This was terribly, very wrong, and Cosgrach didn't even KNOW what to do. He didn't even think Zander would laugh again, which was absurd, actually. Kevin wasn't dead! He was just... expelled. The man bet they would see each other in Hogsmeade and stuff. He had Sophie to have his back now. What was the deal?


The deal was, Zander'd lost a friend. Cosgrach knew the feeling - that nothing would be the 'same'. Kevin was exluded from Hogwarts, and Zander had lost his best friend, period. The man sighed. "The cheer up potion is in the sweets," he said, and offered the bowl to Zander. If he didn't eat by his own consent, Cosgrach was ready to force it down.

"We can talk about him if you want. Or we can tell funny stories. Or... hug or something. To show ya you aren't alone and have other friends." What did he want?

Originally Posted by feeheeheeny View Post
Zander was dead inside, Sophie noted, and wished the boy would say something, but there was no life behind his eyes - no, he looked like the world had ended.

Helpless, Soph looked to Culloden for guidance.

Of course, she knew that there was cheer-up potion in the sweets, but... wasn't there something STRONGER they could use? More effective? She chewed her bottom lip softly, unsure of what to say or do, but when Culloden continued talking, Soph nodded a few times and crossed to sit on the arm of the fancy armchair Zander was sitting in. "Yeah. And you can cry, too, if y'want. Everyone cries. I've seen this nerd here cry like twenty times in the past few years," she grinned, her eyes flickering up to meet Culloden's briefly but falling back down to reside on Zander again. "You're in good company. Not alone," she reminded again, reaching to encouragingly take hold of one of Zander's hands. "Y'can do and say anything y'want."

If he started breaking stuff in a rage, she would personally repair it all, so Culloden didn't have to worry. Heh.
Cheer up potion in the sweets? Zander gave his Potion's Professor a very skeptical look at the offering, making sure to glance over at Sophie too. Should he take them though? ... Wouldn't that be cheating? He wouldn't actually be happy, it'd all just be the-- You know what? He was going to do it anyways. He hated this sinking feeling. So what if it was cheating his feelings just a bit, anything for momentary relief. It was his only option. So Zander took a small handful, though he only popped two small pieces into his mouth.

And already he was feeling a bit better. But only a bit.

"I-uh-I know I'm not alone... I get that," he slowly took his eyes off the floor too. It was probably the potion getting him to talk some, but at least he was talking? Not much light behind his eyes still, that would take time. Or maybe a few more of these cheer-up sweets? Maybe. "I was just SO caught up in my own mess of things that I forgot to check in with him. He thought I was avoiding him for the past few months. Some best friend I was." So maybe he felt guilty? But more than that, just plain upset.

"It's just-- I don't know... It's stupid, but it's not going to be the same without him here." Understatement of the century, by the way. The Gryffindor felt his eyes doing the watering thing and he almost immediately wiggled his hand out of Sophie's rub his eyes. He wasn't going to cry. He was being emotionless, remember?

Darn sweets loosening him up.
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