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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Bad news was an understatement. This was the worst news. This was the worst news and Zander couldn't even say anything about it. He didn't even know what was left to say anymore. Helping Kevin pack up his things was hard enough and though he had managed to keep somewhat composed during that horrible goodbye, he wasn't going to pretend that everything was okay now. This year only kept bringing worse and worse. So he did the only thing he could: shut-down.

Even the words of Sophie Brown couldn't lift him up right now. He wasn't okay. He wasn't going to be okay. None of this would ever be okay. He didn't even know why Sophie insisted to go to Culloden. What could the man even do? He did give her a small nod though because he knew he wouldn't be alone. There were plenty of others... Sort of. He was having a hard time thinking of them, but he knew there were others. He just didn't want to think right now. He couldn't. Thinking hurt too much because then he'd have to think about what it'd mean to have to go through the day knowing that his best mate wasn't here. And that was absolutely horrible.
Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
Cosgrach was enjoying a cup of tea when the BOOM BOOMs came, but because he could panic, he heard her voice. And the reason: "Zander". His face took a sadder expression. He knew why they were here - for them to cheer Zander up. The boy had had a really tough year and frankly, Cosgrach was surprised he was still trying to socialise.

Well, time to bring the boy back to life, then.

He took a deep breath and opened the door with a small smile.

"Tiny. Zandy. Welcome." He stepped aside to let them in, and even bowed at them.

Was it working yet?

As soon as the door swung open, Sophie lightly tugged Zander inside, gently leading him over toward the armchair and expecting him to sit there while she branched off and walked straight for the emergency potions shelves. "We need... uh... something for happiness, I think. Or... something that'll bring someone back to life, 'cause Zander's dead inside." She didn't reach for any of the potions because she wanted Culloden to pick whichever ones he thought would be best and do what he needed to do, but she scrutinized each and every label before turning to look at both of them.

They needed the sofa. Could they bring the sofa in the office? She thought about asking, 'cause Zander probably needed to sprawl out and get comfortable. They could counsel him better that way and it'd be like a cute little therapy session.

"I also offer myself up as comic relief. If that'll help." Whatever that meant to them, she'd do it. Anything to make Zander smile.
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