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SPOILER!!: Sophieee Brown
Originally Posted by feeheeheeny View Post
BOOM BOOM BOOM. The fist of Sophie Brown pounded on Culloden's office door as she called to him, "Tee-Gee-Ohhhhhh. It's Tiny and Zander. We have bad news. And we need potions. And a bear hug." Not for her, but for the somber Gryffindor beside her who had just found out that his best friend was being expelled from Hogwarts.

Squeezing Zander's hand, she leaned over and gave him an encouraging kiss on the cheek, then pulled back to check his eyes for... something. Any sign of life, really, or any sort of emotions from him. "You're gonna be okay. It'll be fine. You're not gonna be alone," she reminded him softly, not wanting his thoughts to stray to things that weren't true. No, just because Kevin was leaving, it didn't mean that he was going to be all alone. Zander still had plenty of friends, people who loved him, people who would be happy to hang out with him and cheer him up when he missed his best friend.

But for now, she just wanted to see him smile again, and she knew Culloden could help.
Bad news was an understatement. This was the worst news. This was the worst news and Zander couldn't even say anything about it. He didn't even know what was left to say anymore. Helping Kevin pack up his things was hard enough and though he had managed to keep somewhat composed during that horrible goodbye, he wasn't going to pretend that everything was okay now. This year only kept bringing worse and worse. So he did the only thing he could: shut-down.

Even the words of Sophie Brown couldn't lift him up right now. He wasn't okay. He wasn't going to be okay. None of this would ever be okay. He didn't even know why Sophie insisted to go to Culloden. What could the man even do? He did give her a small nod though because he knew he wouldn't be alone. There were plenty of others... Sort of. He was having a hard time thinking of them, but he knew there were others. He just didn't want to think right now. He couldn't. Thinking hurt too much because then he'd have to think about what it'd mean to have to go through the day knowing that his best mate wasn't here. And that was absolutely horrible.
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