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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Tiffany just smiled at Jasmine. No matter what the blonde tried to convince her of, this brunette was perfectly satisfied with not doing anything about that man thank you very much. Besides, there was no need to get her confidence up. She had plenty. Maybe even a bit too much of it, though she'd never admit that out loud. It was totally a pride thing, yes. Oop.

"Yup. Precisely. It's what I've been trying to tell you this whole time." Except Jasmine clearly didn't believe her, even still. But ugh, whatever. She'd stop trying. Jasmine could believe whatever the heck she wanted. Didn't make it any less true. Ahem. Uh. Yeah. Just eyecandy. "Look, Jasmine... It's not that you're annoying me. It's that all these questions about Ezra are annoying me. I don't even like him like that so I don't see why it's a big deal." Lieeeeeees. Well the last part was a lie. The rest was true, the rest about Jasmine not being directly annoying. Not on her own anyways, but with all the questions. Maybe.

But they weren't going to talk about Tiffany anymore. They were onto a new subject now. Hehehe. Thank goodness. Although she liked being under the spotlight most times, this was starting to get old. "What if I help find you someone?!" It'd be GREAT! They could walk around the entire ministry, and Tiffany could advertise her. She'd have someone in no time. And then, Jasmine wouldn't even want to think about asking anymore questions because she'd be so wrapped up in her own life by then. Plan was full-proof.
Jasmine shrugged and looked around the break room and didn't like Tiffany's attitude right now. She heard her comment and she scoffed. "You don't even like him.. Yeahhh UH HUH..." was all she said raising a skeptical eyebrow. "Whatever miss Tiffany.." she grinned smugly. She didn't see the big deal but Jasmine did. Loud and clear. "Next time I see Ezra I am gonna ask him if he likes you.." she smiled and liked teasing her just a little.

Woaahh she wanted to help her find a guy? She stood there wide eyed and gulped. She wasn't good with the guys. "Ermm how would you do that exactly?" she needed details.
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