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Awww, he was so precious. Lux gave Professor the BIGGEST smile because he was so nice. He was also wonderful because he was going to let her ask him questions about the assignment. Some Professors might not have done that though all of them were nice besides Bellaire. Quigley she still wasn't sure about because sometimes he was nice and sometimes...not so much.

Okay, he had better be ready because she might end up overloading him with questions if she didn't keep herself in check. Hehe. "Well, I want to make the effects of my potion last for 24 hours and I was wondering what the most effective method to do so is. Like a certain spell or ingredient or whatever." She had looked through the books, but some of the stuff in there managed to CONFUSE her even though she was supposed to be a potions expert. Okay, she wasn't even close to the level that Culloden was on. BUT STILL.

Look at her being good and sticking with one question for the moment.
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