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Text Cut: Kevin lmao
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Holding the mug of water in his hand, Kevin leaned against the desk and sighed when the Professor was being all scary. He first drank the water as if he hadn't had anything to drink in a few days and when he placed the mug down on the desk, he wiped his mouth with his jacket sleeve. Muuuuch bett---no. "WHY is my mouth still dry?!" he asked out loud in an even more annoyed tone than before "You did something to me , didn't you!?" he pointed his finger at him and narrowed his eyes.

"Well, it doesn't" he snapped back, getting more and more agitated by every single thing and he sat on the desk while grabbing another sweet from his jacket pocket and ate it. "Besides, I doubt you'll ever be as scary as Cat Man" Now Quigley, HE had been intimidating. And he felt no shame admitting that because everyone knew that.

Cosgrach narrowed his eyes. He was hurt, you know? He didn't even KNOW why Kevin was accusing HIM. Did he really look like someone who would intentionally hurt a student? PFFFT. He glared at the boy, watched him eat another candy, and walked to sit down on the other arm chair. He wouldn't answer to the detention comments, but rather show him WHY he felt terrible.

"See this?" he asked calmly as he grabbed the now but-for-two-candies empty bowl, "you ate like 15 candies in the last 15 minutes and they had a cheer-up potion in them. So you poisoned yourself." He put it back and hurried before Kevin could say anything. "Just relax and wait for it to pass."

To be honest, Cosgrach didn't know WHEN it would pass. Oh well.

Text Cut: Toby
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
His own eyes flicking back to the parchment, Toby unfolded it and looked through the list that was written on it again.

"I... don't really know," he admitted, and pulled an indecisive face as he stared at the parchment. "See, I'd like to brew that De-Aging one, 'cause that sounds fun to brew and fun to test out, too, right?" Toby glanced up to check for a reaction. "But it looks sorta easy compared to... well... the Polyjuice Potion. That looks way more challenging, and I'd like to give that a go, and it would be best to do that with you, as you're a pro and all. And then try the other one on my own one day." He wasn't trying to flatter Culloden or anything. Even if Toby were the type to make it a habit of flattering his professors, he and Culloden were past that point. Nah. Just stating facts, really. "What d'you reckon?" Just a roundabout way of saying 'the Polyjuice Potion', really.

But then, Toby wouldn't really be Toby if he didn't get to the point only after a whole bunch of rambling, now would he?

Still, that De-Aging Potion sounded fun. He was determined to brew and test it, one day.

Cosgrach eyed the parchment absent mindedly. He didn't remember the full list, but Toby had narrowed it down to two potions anyway, so he didn't have to. He listened to the boy as he considered the question, and smiled at Toby.

"I reckon, if we manage to brew Polyjuice together," which they would, no doubt, "you can certainly do De-Aging on your own. Then," he leaned forward to whisper, "you'll have my unofficial permission to use both... just so you tell me when you use one."

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