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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

Kevin sneered at the mug of water…yes the mug… and when he looked back at the Professor and saw him glaring down at him he narrowed his eyes back until he looked away eventually. He huffed something under his breath as he folded his arms over each other. His mouth felt really dry and he needed to drink something but he wasn’t stupid! He wasn’t going to drink anything from a potions master. Especially not him because even though they have been on a pretty good terms lately, he still did not trust him. Actually he trusted no one, so no hard feelings. He would go to the Great Hall once he was gone from here.

He had heard that snicker and he glared at the man again. He hated it when people did that when he had said something, it made him feel like he was being ridiculed or something. “MY TONE!? You stop with your stupid toooone” he scoffed, getting more annoyed by the second."And really? detention? is that suppose to scare me?" he rolled his eyes.

UGH he NEEDED something to drink. He didn't care anymore he just needed the water so he abruptly stood up and walked to the desk to grab the mug.
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