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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
For the record, Jasmine wasn't exactly the last person Tiffany wanted to see. No, that slot was reserved for a certain man who happened to work on the same exact level as her. But maybe Jasmine was a close second? Only because she knew of the Ezra thing, though. Normally, Tiffany loved her company. Just saying. Alright, alright so maybe it WAS a lie. "I just thought you were someone else." But no need to get into specifics here.

The brunette carefully crossed one leg over top the other as she pushed herself further away from the back of her seat, so that she was now sitting straight. She ignored the bit about it not being a mistake-- because clearly IT WAS-- and instead nodded to the second bit. "He's on level one as well, our cubicles aren't too far apart... Seeing him is inevitable." Hence the fact that she was taking a break in the break room that wasn't their break room. Merlin. That was a tongue twister. But anyways, it was worth it. Because here she was and here he wasn't. "I don't really have much of a choice," not that she was really complaining, though. Because, Tiffany Price could never turn down eye candy.
Jasmine nodded and understood she thought she was someone else. I guess she wasn't FULLY over the fact she ruined her date with Ezra. She keeps saying it is was a mistake but if it was a mistake then why was she sooo happy? Tiffany can be quite confusing sometimes. Jazz had to say something. "Fine if it wa a mistake then why on the dance floor did I see you having the time of your life. Stop making excuses Tiffany it is only gonna make things worse. I'd say go after the guy." she advised her friend. Jazz told the truth as it is and if it hurt Tiffany then at least she wasn't sorry for saying how she felt.

She smirked and at least they could see each other now. They couldn't avoid each other so that meant fate. "Aahhh I see..." She would have to talk to Ezra later. She wanted to get the details without Tiffany knowing. She raised her eyebrows at her attitude and laughed at her. "You are soo confusing sometimes Tiffany. I bet you like seeing that eye candy.." she winked. "Plus I don't want him as bad as you do. You can be in denial as much as you want but your actions speak more than words." She kept looking around and noticed they were the only ones in the break room right now. "I mean if you want me to leave you can just say so.." she offered.
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