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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
She began to lean back a bit, letting herself get into a comfortable position on the couch. If she was going to try and relax, then she light as well allow herself to, you know? Except it was kind of hard trying to relax, knowing that her break would soon be over and she'd have to return back to her cubicle... Which was way too close to his cubicle. Merlin. Licking her finger to turn the next page, she heard someone making their way into the room. She quickly lifted the magazine up a little so that it hid her face-- not that she'd ever want to hide her face because it was beautiful, but uh what if it was Ezra??

But it wasn't. She recognized that voice. Jasmine. It's not like she was angry with the her... Just... Annoyed. But also, looking back at it... Dancing with him was a mistake. She slowly lowered the magazine before looking over at her friend, "I wasn't trying to hide my face," she lied smoothly, "Besides, wearing hats indoors is tacky, Jasmine, you should know that and I'd never switch my makeup loyalties." Chanel her thing. DUH. Switching was an absurd idea, she'd never go through with it. Never ever. The brunette, did however, lose her magazine, setting it down on the small table beside her.

GAH. She was bringing up that night again. "It's-- I'm not going to lie and say it's okay... But, it was for the best... I shouldn't have been dancing with him at all." But she'd do it again in a heartbeat. Ugh. And she hated herself for that.

As Jasmine made her way over Tiffany seemed to have the annoyed expression on her face. She seemed to be the last person Tiffany wanted to see. She began to walk slowly when approaching her and she knew Tiffany was flat out lying to her. Jazz had the habbit of knowing when people were because her mother was an excellent role model for that. "That is bloody merlin untrue and you know it." she called her out on it. She might as well cut the crap. She shrugged and agreed with her on that. Wearing hats indoors is tacky and Jasmine would be caught dead with one unless it matched her exercise outfit.

She rolled her eyes and laughed at Tiff. She could be so funny sometimes and Jasmine did switch her make up brand just recently and had never been happier but it seemed Tiff was stubborn. She was gonna have to crack that. Jazz heard Tiffany explain and she shook her head at Tiff. "I don't think it was a mistake if both of you were having a fun time. Have you seen each other in the office since then?" she asked curiously.
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