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Originally Posted by Schroyers View Post
Nate was interested to learn everything he could. Knowledge was the most valuable thing in the world and this department proved it. He looked at all the doors, so many. Where was what? Where was the area he worked? Hmmm

Which door led where? How did these doors work? He wanted to know all the things.

But right, he needed to talk to his boss. Right? That should be his first step on his first official day of his first legit job.

"Mr. Mitterbill's Office?" Now he waited.. Those were the instructions, yes?
The spin-cycle of the room had done its revolutions and when it stopped the door to the Department Head's office had swung open and the somewhat frail looking Mitterbill stepped out. His arms carried a sheathed object about the size of a larger end Muggle laptop. Seeing the younger wizard in the rotunda, he offered the new Unspeakable a smile and greeted him.

"Mr. Prince." His voice had a strong deep timber and somewhat nasal quality. As if he'd spent his whole life being nervous. He had. "Welcome to the Department of Mysteries. I was just on my way to the archives. If you follow me, I can give you a tour of your new working premises."
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