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Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
The red head beamed at the sight of Jazz and she hugged her back. "Oh they were great! I was just making plans with Jory... we moved in together and all and...well," She stuck out her hand to show her friend her ring which Jory had proposed with not long ago.
Jasmine smiled and remembered going to their little cottage house. It was an adorable first home to have as a couple. Jasmine hoped to find someone someday who would love her. It is every girls dream right? She smiled widely at the ring and always loved seeing it. "Oh my this ring is always gorgeous.." she examined it on her ring finger. "Jory is of course one lucky man. I gotta ask you, you guys thinking of having children in the future yet? Orrr you focusing on your careers for now?" I mean she needed to be prepared if her best friend was gonna have kids. She would buy them lots of gifts.

SPOILER!!: Sabel

Originally Posted by Tazenhani View Post
"You're not alone," Sabel nodded rather solemnly, as if the loss of their dancing abilities was a great loss to the world. "I seem to have been born with two left feet, and neither has decided which one is the right one yet." Problematic, but it was slowly being resolved. Maybe by the time he was old and grey he would finally have the two-step down pat.

"Ah, almost a fellow floormate. I'm on level two, an Auror with the Law Enforcement Department." Not much more explanation needed there. He knocked heads together when it was required. As for her department, he knew little about it and even less about what sort of work was involved in her position.

Tucking his hands in his pockets, Sabel made his way over to one of the chairs and perched on the edge of it. "So, a charms developer? I'm going to admit to ignorance here, but what exactly do you do? Do you invent new charms?"

Somehow, he had always thought that the list of charms there was, was it. Sort of like how muggle science had a list of rules and laws and that was it. There were no more to be found once they were all found, and no one could make them up if they fancied it. He often forgot that magic worked in the same way.

If people could invent charms, well that brought on a whole new dimension to his understanding of magic. And just how did that work?

Jasmine laughed and couldn't have agreed more. "Don't worry I don't think I was born with the talent to dance. My mom tried to get me to dance at formal events and it just didn't happen. I was a stubborn child." she grinned sheepishly. Ooooh so this guy was an auror!? She smirked to herself and knew it all along. "I knew you were an auror. You just had the certain look." Now he was curious about her floor. She wondered why it wasn't anything special. She nodded at the charms developer and smiled and would of course explain her field for him. "Well a Charms developer is just like it sounds, we just go into our cubicles in the ministry and experiment and make charms spells and they need to be approved of course. Yes we can invent charms." Nothing too complicated about that.

"So tell me about your line of work. It must be more interesting than mine I assume." she smiled.
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