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Default Office of Minister of Magic Sherman Clark
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Like the man himself, Sherman Clark’s decoration style is quite eccentric. The first thing one notices upon entering his office are the bright colors and plaid; from the walls to the furniture, each and every portion of the room bursts with liveliness. But, despite the almost overwhelming sight, everything is neat and orderly. The Minister’s desk is empty unless he is currently working on something, save for a candy basket for visitors as well as framed photographs of his wife and granddaughter. Wooden cabinets line the back wall just above his floral armchair, always polished to shininess. Comfy, extravagantly patterned seats, which carry a smell somewhat similar to that of the elderly, are present in the case of guests.

And, of course, his door is always open! Do come inside. Regardless of the actions of his family members, Minister Clark doesn’t bite.

OOC: Feel free to come play! Visitors are always welcome!
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