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Default Oakey and Nadia mainly

Ok! It was good to know that the man (Oakey) was alright. This would have been very bad if someone had injured themselves more seriously on orientation. That would be an extremely bad omen basically saying the rest of the year is going to be a long and bad one. Which would be terrible for Annabelle. She didn't want her first year at the Ministry to end up like her first year at Hogwarts....stupid Imp.

Looking at the man on the floor, and how he reacted to a man standing in front of him also asking if he was alright, they must have been friends. "Well, it's good to know you are alright." Crisp words wiggled their way out of the former Ravenclaw's mouth. Turning away for a second she noticed another woman (Nadia) with a DMLE badge. How convient to see another coworker. Talking to the group she was in right now Annabelle politely said "Now then, if you'd excuse me." With that said she clacked her way over to the woman...she really needed to get a quieter pair of high heels.

Fixing her extravagant purple and indigo hair, the 28 year old said to the other woman "Bonjour, I noticed you work in the DMLE. I do as well." Her French accent cool and calming. "I just got hired as the Personal Assistant and Liaison. My name is Annabelle by the way. What's yours?" This was exciting to meet a fellow member of the Magical Law Enforcement! Hopefully, they would become good friends.

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