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Default OMG Oakey x3

Graciously walking into the lounge, Annabelle immediately noticed that someone had fallen odd...

Click clack!

Her heels made the sound as she walked over to the man (Oakey). Gazing at the other woman standing over him (Beth), Annabelle nodded her head in agreement. "Are you ok??" Voice calm and soothing. Very motherly like. The French accent making it even more soft and delicate. Though it was obvious she was from France the words seemed to flow right off her tongue.

Offering a hand to the fallen man, she then realized it was her left hand...the one that dreaded Imp bit back in her first year at Hogwarts. She remembered the traumatizing experience all to well. It was a clear and calm day during the COMC lesson. The Professor was teaching the class about Imps obviously. The former Ravenclaw girl was one of the few brave souls to touch the beast. Well, that was a mistake. For some reason the "tamed" creature bit her. Now the scar remained there as a painful reminder.

If she really wanted to, being a Metamorphmagus, she could have changed her appearance. But then no one would know what she truly looked like, and that would be bad. The woman only used her Metamorphmagus abilities to change her hair, and on occasions, her appearance. Annabelle would also change it to entertain really young children. Magical children that is. She knew it would probably freak out muggles, and you know, you shouldn't be using magic around muggles too.


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