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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
What, why was the kid --- well, new employee really --- looking so terrified? All these young people were always so nervous all the time. Oh wait, maybe he was nervous because William was pointing his fork at him. He hastily dropped it to the plate with a clatter.

Great. Another former student popping up. This one, Daichi, he remembered though. "What are the chances we'd all be so happily reunited in the same room again?" William chuckled humorlessly. Seriously though, he was done eating now and set his plate off to the side so he could make decent conversation. Had to, as a former role model/professor person. "Where are you kids working now? Anybody decide to go into Magical Creatures?" Had he inspired anybody? Anybody at all?
The sound of the fork clattering back onto the plate got Vickers to ease up a bit. And it was obvious. Funny, he remembered Williamson to be a jovial (albeit slightly crazy) Magiczoologist. People change yeah? Because you know, he did too alas he doesnt remember just by how much

He still half smiled at the joke the Dragon-man made, even if the other guy didnt mean it to be funny. Funny how old student habits resurfaces at the presence of a former teacher despite having been part of the workforce for years eh?

And rightly former Prof wants to know what they all specialize in.... well this one stayed away from fire breathing anything that didnt go toot toot and ran on rails "Uhm... I'm in the Department of Transportation Sir...." Vickers replied softly, then added "I'm finishing a Wizarding Engineering degree." so alas, no chance to deal with Creatures.... Well none outside of his volunteer work.

Vick eyed the guy that said he punched the Professor-- where was he from-- MLE?

Originally Posted by Schroyers View Post
Nathan nodded. "Yupp, first day and everything.." But really, how could this kid be so nervous? It was just a party, they were just people. So whatever.. "Sounds like a lot of running around to be honest.." He shrugged, not in a rude way, just shrugging. Who knew, maybe it was a really awesome job.

"Department of Mysteries, i don't know how much i'm actually allowed to say." He joked cause you know, Mysteries and all.

There was a woman with them now, older... Hmm And another guy? This lanky one was a professor or something? He didn't go to Hogwarts he assumed so he wouldn't know.
Oh wait now this one... this one had a certain affinity to him somewhat "My Uncle used to Head that Department, before he went back Stateside." Vickers offered and smiled genuinely "I know... cant say much, and if at all probably mislead." he said half-jokingly.
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