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Originally Posted by Schroyers View Post
Nathan looked around the Lounge, the room was a bit extravagant. Was that the right word? Extravagant? He hoped so. Not like anyone could hear his thoughts anyway so whatever.

He wondered if Eliora would be here. They weren't going to tell people just yet about them being a couple, so he wondered if that meant she would want to dance or anything.. Maybe he should be busy mingling with other people. Perhaps he'd meet some other Department of Mysteries people here. This whole having a real job thing was different. But hey, it started with a party. So far so good in his book.
Although it was a party, that didn't change the fact that he was still nervous. He was dressed in a suit, the tie was a bit tight and he loosened it a bit as he walked to the lounge. It was obviously that he was new here because he kept glancing towards the Head table in case his boss showed up. Wait...should new employees greet the new Minister? or was that not necessary?

Confusion was written all over his face as he turned to look at who else sat at the lounge and saw another man. Mweh, he didn't want to sit alone, so he tried to control his nervousness. "Hi, i'm here" meaning he was friendless and had no one to talk to and was saaaad. "Can i...can i sit here?" the 22 year old asked.
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