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Oh, how we drift away from our friends. And the ones back home play remember when

Originally Posted by JeshieRAWR View Post
SPOILER!!: Carol & Sophie

Carol. Like carol bells. Alana nodded towards the woman. "My name is-t Alana Ritter. I vork ver dee department ov mysteries." She smiled. She looked back down over at the chicken and then back up at Carol as she said the chicken sliders were good. "Great, zank you. ...Vich department are you een?" She said, taking a plate and placing one of the chicken sliders on her plate.

"Nice to meet you Alana. Department of Mysteries, eh? Sounds very exciting. I work as a magical product tester in the Department of International Magical Cooperation."

Carol placed her empty plate back down on the table as she heard a dark haired man (Sabel) asked if he could pour anyone a cup of punch. Carol could do with another glass as some food was caught in her throat.

"I'll have a cup of punch, thanks. Any colour,"
Carol said to him.
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