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SPOILER!!: Ember
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post

She was talented like that.

She almost bumped into the table, too---but luckily she was sooooo tiny that she hardly even MOVED it. HEHEHE. The young woman giggled and glanced around---SERIOUSLY? Where was the boyfriend? (...he was her boyfriend, right?) She They had never...actually said it aloud. But they did couple


She kept her hips in tune to the music playing and WAVED REALLY EAGERLY AT ALL THE PEOPLES HERE.

"HI!" she cried at one particularly PRETTY woman [Alana]....nice dress, lady! Ember's cheeks were like...hurting because SHE COULDN'T STOP SMILING! WORK WAS FUN AND IT WAS ALL SO FUN and she MISSED ALL THE FACES!

Though, these three women looked unfamiliar.

"HI HI HI!" she waved more and SQUEAKED during the last hi, bouncing up and down SOOOOOO excitedly. She was waving at YOUNG looking person [Alexa] and another lady---WHO LOOKED SO NICE, TOOOOO! [Michelle]


Ah, so there was one face Simon remembered from previous years. If he was not mistaken, the woman was from creatures and had made his appearance at least once up on level two to her detriment. That energy and overall friendliness was hard to miss and mistake for someone else. "Good evening," he said, giving her a more subtued greeting of his own.

SPOILER!!: Alana
Originally Posted by JeshieRAWR View Post
SPOILER!!: Michelle/Lex/Ember&Simon

Alana continued sipping on her punch, humming a quiet song to herself when she noticed another person [Michelle] had joined in looking at the food. She was about to ask her about how extravagant it looked but a tiny girl in BRIGHT red heels woke her up out of her thoughts and started rambling miles a minute.

WAIT. She was in charge of them to not die? Alana wasn't hopeful. She cleared her throat and gave a small smile, trying not to show that she was worried about who was taking care of her tonight. She heard a comment made by someone next to her [Simon] and she couldn't help but smile. So hopefully it wasn't true. Hopefully. " great to meet you. A YATI? Vat s'that? My name ist Alana. On-lee Alana. I'm in dee Department ov Mysteries." She nodded, giving another nod to the girl and guy next to her.

Out of the corner of Alana's eye she noticed another bouncy, young girl coming towards her and she wondered if she could run at this point. She hoped this girl wasn't in her department with her or else she wouldn't know how to live. To think that she thought herself was excited and happy was hilarious at this point.

She couldn't just stop talking to the younger girl in front of her so she stayed put and gave a smile once the other bouncy girl came towards her. She jolted a little once she gave a loud HI and put a hand on her own chest. "Hi...this zing? Its nothing." She said, looking down at her dress and smiling. "I'm Alana Ritter. Dee Department ov Mysteries." Well maybe having happy, young, and crazy people talking to her wasn't so bad. At least they weren't mean or insulting potions or charms.

Was the other one...Alana, smiling because of him? Simon was curious since the expression came after he spoke up yet he didn't let it show. Best not to reveal too much to the new people. Especially the fact that he was actually going along with a half-truth spoken by a new recruit who was technically a subordinate. Or had been if one limited it to the Auror division.

Nope...nothing to see here? Nothing out of the ordinary.

SPOILER!!: Alexa
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Constant vigilance, that's what Lex was doing so OF COURSE she saw when that one danced her way over to the rest of them yelling 'HI's like they were nobody else's business. Where did SHE work?? WERE THEY CO-WORKERS TOO??? "HI!" No reason to NOT greet back as enthusiastically. Man, people in the Ministry sure seemed happy. Obviously she was going to love her job. It still felt kinda weird saying it....a job...but she had one now AND WAS GONNA BE AN EPIC AUROR!

Lex wobbled a little while shifting to get out of her way but held on to the table for support. Play it cool Cambridge, they were just heels. "Name's Lex, brand new YATI in charge of saving your life." Yup. She had a badge and everything. "D'you work in MLE too?" Because how cool would that be?

Lex whirled around at the new voice, nearly toppling over when her feet got confused because of the heel issue they were still trying to work through. Did he....did this guy...just agree with her? Well then there you had it, she was obviously super important to everyone's health and he had to be from MLE as well because otherwise how would he know she's pivotal, y'know? It was a bet she was willing to take so Lex stuck her hand out with a grin. "Alexa Cambridge." Unfortunately there was no need to repeat her title because this one had obviously heard.

Some time later she would thank him for playing along. "And you are....?"

The look didn't go unnoticed, not really and not when Lex was so keen on everything out of pure excitement. So maybe she wasn't currently the best person to offer protection but it was now in her job description and one day she'd be SO amazing at it that she'd be known world wide and would have a whole bunch of people trying to kill her in any one week. A danger life admittedly but how epic would that be, huh?

"'a like....Young Auror Training Initiative...or something like that, I didn't read the whole letter just the parts where my name showed up and my job description." Everything outside of that was a blur because she was too excited to process most anything. "It's really just a fancy way of saying I'm an Auror in training and I'm gonna be awesome one day." Geddit?

Oh but hold on, this woman worked in Mysteries?? That's where Lottie's aunt worked! "Cool! So're one of those Unspeakables who can't ever talk about their job?? What'd you do??"

He instinctively reached out as the new YATI seemed to stumble over her own feet as she turned to face him, his arms ready to catch her should she start to fall. New job and obviously getting used to new footwear too. "Nice to meet you in person, Miss Cambridge," he replied with a nod of acceptance at her greeting, still vaguely going along. Simon accepted her offered hand with his own and gave it a polite shake.

"Simon Bennett. Department liaison and Security," he returned, offering both name and title. As if one of those who truly did work to ensure ministry workers were safe and didn't die. It felt weird not to include the auror bit, even moreso then when he had to gave the whole slew of titles he held. But then he and Emily had talked about his move before the break and it was to be official this time around.
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