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Talking Post 1 and a question for Bellaire ^_^
~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Adi jotted down the necessary notes in his but he did have one nagging question. "Professor Bellaire,'' he began directing his attention to the Transfiguartion lady since she would have more knowledge on the spell, his hand raised. "Does this spell work on humans too?" He hoped so but if not, that didn't matter. He could always transfigure Benny bit by bit until he was a total dragon.

The Hufflepuff was impressed as he watched the dragon Bellaire had transfigured. Too bad he didn't have that level of skill to transfigure stuff so fast. Not yet anyway. Anyway, he should practice first.

"Draconifors... Draconifors... Draconifors...'' And the wand movement- a slash from left to right. Not too hard.

Right! Time to get started!
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