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The Idea Man Kori-Kins

Angel listened to the Professors, where they both cray cray or were they just trying to scare her into next week, because if that was the case they had just succeeded.


She had heard that right, right? Angel blinked twice just to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She then had to put it in a cage right? Angel was a bit scared didn't dragons shoot fire and the main question she wanted too know was who on earth came up with a spell to create Dragons, well at least Benny and Adi should be happy now.

When she was told she could, she made her way to the Professor desk and got a rock then she went back to her desk, the first thing she needed to do was practice the incantation.

"Dragonifors!!" Angel said in her head, well that sounded right but she would have another try in a minute, first she just realised she should make sure she had everything.
It's time for a party.
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