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See, Professor Q did understand and if the government had dragons than yes. They should go to a different planet. That was of course if people could tame dragons. Which Dante did not know if it was possible. Still it sounded cool in theory. And wait...where they going to make their own dragons. Was that were Q was going with this. And they would have full ownership of it. Whatever that means. As long as it was his. Still best have a tiny dragon that you could have as a pet. Since you know Dante was not a giant or anything.

He turned his attention to Bellaire because Q said he was handing it over to her. Since it was Transfig and all...Oh stones. And that spell sounded like a flower or something. Well at least it was only intent and focus.

And if they had a out of control dragon. It would be taken away. Well not as fun as having having to control it. But well an out of control dragon could be horrible for Dante and the classroom.

So Dante guessed he had to start now.

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