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~ Rise and Rise Again, Until Lambs become Lions ~

To say that Amur was excited that the Professor thought her idea was good, was an understatement. For him to say that he thought it had promise made the wheels in her mind turn at double time.

Until the discussion turned to reasons why dragons shouldn't be domesticated, or bred with such intent. Her mood sunk and she listened quietly, staring at the cage. They loved to fly, to have freedom. How fair would it be to stunt their natural instinct, just so they could be cuddled or pull a cart? Not fair, not fair at all. What was that called? Enslavement?

Yeah no. Amur pushed her idea away readily and decided that she would not go into the 'breeding' area of profession. No. Animals and creatures should stay as they were intended to be. Free. In the sky, in the sea or on land. The Professor made that very clear, and his passion for such an opinion convinced Amur that it was right.

That was until, they were told they were going to create dragons. Wide eyes and conflicting emotions ensued. Sure, creating a dragon was an amazing, awesome, exciting concept. But, the details...

Amur watched the demonstration with reserved awe, thoughts running about in circles in her head. When they were given the go-ahead, Amur slipped out of her chair and made her way up to the desk to collect a rock from the box. Finding a medium-sized one, she turned it in her hand slowly, before looking at both Professors.

"How does this work? I mean, does the dragon have it's own mind? Does it feel? Will it feel? Will it think? What happens to those that aren't created properly? Where do they go? What do we do with them once we are done the lesson? Will they be turned back to stone?" That was a horrid question. To give something life - mobile, breathing, thinking, feeling life - and then to take it away again. Sometimes, she didn't understand magic. Not one bit.

Had she missed something?
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