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Benny listened intently as Professor disagreed or agreed with each student who answered, including himself. But he had to admit his eyes kept trailing to the cage before him before he managed to pull his gaze away each time. He had to be patient and await whatever it was that was to come during the course of the class. Even if it was a struggle he was sure his close friends, especially Adi, were well aware he was likely going through.

A class...involving dragons.

Upon the writing on the chalkboard, his eyes even widened.

A class involving CREATING dragons.

Forget they weren't truly real, anymore then he had been a real unicorn for AJ in the last History of Magic lesson. But still! It certainly got this Gryffindor's attention. Even if the lesson was being passed onto Professor Bellaire. Was she finally going to teach him something he really really wanted to learn?
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