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SPOILER!!: Layla
Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
This was pathetic.

These two childish adults were completely incapable of compromising with one another and there was some points war going on between them. Layla really didn't care whether she lost or not but she cared that this was supposed to be a lesson and these two were 'supposed' to be 'professors'. The thought was currently laughable. Whereas one had been polite in his addressing of Layla, the other had demanded rather than asked and Layla had decided that it was she who should learn respect.

How many points exactly would she lose if she just straight-up walked out of this moronic classroom? She was oh so tempted.

She sat. Mostly because she was fed up of standing around watching these two fight and she wanted the lesson over and done with quicker. Why were they doing a lesson together if they were incapable of getting along?

She ignored everything that was happening and continued to stare at the cage in front of her blocking out the sounds of everyone in the classroom, the frown she had intended to leave at the door permanently etched across her face. Take the points from her, see if she cared. She was here to learn anyway.

The lesson thankfully started but Layla didn't bother answering. She was going to spend this whole lesson listening and taking notes. She didn't need to contribute, she didn't even want to be here. As for what her answer would be? Because they were dangerous. Because letting lose a dragon in the middle of the countryside would be a stupid idea?

Wasn't that obvious?

No answer. Right. Those happened occasionally. Nothing he could do about this one, might as well move on. One didn't pull an answer out of a student that would rather not say and he didn't think he could be bothered with trying either. When she was ready to say something then maybe she would. If not, eh.

Originally Posted by Hera View Post

Hand UP UP UUUUPPP in the air, Zeke jumped in with his response. "Dragons are dangerous and stuff and people could use them to fight and things, so that'd be totally bad." Yep.. super bad, but as for skirting around it, hehe. "People keep them a secret, hide them and disguise them, shrink them and things. That way they can sell them on the black market, use them to eliminate their enemies or use them for dragon fights and things to make money from."

That was a thing, wasn't it?

The most obvious and probably sole reason behind that law in the first place. "Very much correct, dragons are dangerous and thus off limits. I'm not very sure wizards...or anyone for that matter, would be able to coax them into fighting matches though. Given their massive size and aggression they would inevitably break free and do as they please."

If you couldn't domesticate them then it was highly unlikely one would be able to train them into secret fights. "Interesting line of thought though.'

SPOILER!!: Agatha
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
How dare all these people - INCLUDING the new Charms professor - be rude to professor Bellaire? How DARE they disrespect her and her rules like that!? And how RUDE of this silly new professor to be so defiant and tell students they'd lose points if they didn't sit down.

How rude. How. RUDE.

Agatha did not like him nor his silly subject. Nevermind the fact she's skipped many of his lessons so it was also her fault she didn't know Charms that well.

No. She was standing and would only sit down when professor Bellaire told her to.

See, professor Q-whatever, Agatha could be defiant too. AND she could ignore your question.

RUDE man.

Eyes on professor Bellaire because SHE was worth to be listened to.

He'd already said they could sit, given the lesson was beginning but...she was content to stand anyway?


Right then. He didn't see Bellaire making them sit any time soon and he wouldn't waste his breath trying again so...given her lack of contribution to the topic Maddox simply let his eyes glance over her before moving on to someone else that actually thought giving a response was the point of asking a question. He didn't have time for this.

SPOILER!!: Neil B. Formy
Originally Posted by Meizzner View Post

Well that peaked Dante's interest. They were on the same level of awesome animals as Toads where. Dragons were only slightly better because of the whole fire thing and being giant. Hopalong Montezuma would be so mad at him right now.

"It is because if people had dragons they would try and rule the world with them. And people in government would not want that"

These are the types of things Dante ponder when he was bored or you know he would just annoy portraits for fun.

But that gets old after a while.

Talk about a conspiracy theory. "Sure. Let's say for argument's sake, it is possible to domesticate a dragon and have it do our bidding. In a case like that it would be very bad for the Government because no one would have to listen to them anymore, they would simply set their pet dragons on them. It would be equally bad if those in power held the dragons because then...heh, we'd be better off moving to another planet and hoping they don't follow." There was a limit to how much power one should be allowed to have.

SPOILER!!: Aubrey
Originally Posted by PhoenixStar View Post
Best not call attention to herself then. Oh, they were going to talk about dragons. AJ eyes her cage. Could they--- No way. Not even a baby dragon. Ahem. Anyways. What did she think besides the fact that dragons were awesome. It made her think about Adi and Benny. Benny the dragon that is. "We aren't allowed to have them because boring people complain." There is always that one person that ruins everything for others. "You know those people... I can't have a dragon so nobody can." But there was ways around that. Oh yes. "We're wizards though. We can just put an invisible charm on them. Or put a horn on their head and swear that it's a scaly unicorn." Totes could work.

Hah. Haha. Maddox actually allowed himself a chuckle. Spoken like a true Gryffindor. "Definitely." And a solemn nod to boot. "But sometimes those boring people have the right idea." Something to remember; something he'd taken a while to learn himself. "I'm afraid a horn wouldn't be enough of a disguise either." Massive scaley beast with a horn attached to its head--well actually, now he kinda wanted to see something like that, just for seeing it sake.

"Thank you for the interesting imagery Miss Valentine." Sounded like something that would happen if he attempted any serious Transfiguration spells.

Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
Puck grinned at the question…dragons? “Well personally I think Dragons are pretty awesome?” She admitted with a grin. “I think the reason people are afraid of them is because of their strength and the relative ability to train them to be ‘domestic’.” She mused as she sat there.

Leaning back in her seat as she thought more on the topic, “as for getting around not having them – people might shrink them down using the Diminuendo charm?” she offered as she brushed her hair off of her shoulder.

"Their size and strength does add to the fear that others have of the large creatures. The inability to domestic them as well. You just never know with that kind of creature but yes, shrinking would work--so long as the spell was periodically reapplied and there was enough power behind the cast in the first place." Excellent point.

SPOILER!!: Paloma
Originally Posted by Yaya View Post
"Well, keeping track of them is quite...hard. They grow at a fast pace, their eating habits also change. And well, the black market is quite interesting, they trade them, they use them for unhealthy diversion..." It's quite difficult to explain, in her own words about dragons, to actually make a good and coherent thought about it. Her hand slowly, really slowly put her hand down. Not very clever.

He was hoping someone would mention the black market. It WAS a thing in case some of them had been told by their parents that it was all a myth. He smile, pleased with the point. "Many things go on in the black market that can be considered questionable or 'unhealthy' as you put it. Never know when the dragon will fall into the worst hand it possibly can."

Another good point.

SPOILER!!: Norah
Originally Posted by Sararara View Post

Dragons, COOL. Norah put her hand politely in the air, just in case somebody was gonna start yelling again, to give her answer. "Dragons are dangerous 'cause they can blow stuff up with their fire breath! Plus I bet they're probably hard to control being so big 'n all. They're still really cool, bust some people mistake EXCITING dangerous stuff like dragons, with SCARY dangerous stuff, so they made 'em against the rules." If you asked her, people should REALLY be outlawing spiders, 'cause those were gross and scary and very not cool. "I don't really know how people get 'em if they're against the rules, but if you have one you could probably make it invisible or super small or so it looks like a dog and then hide it somewhere." Hehehe imagine having a tiny ickle dragon to play with.

"Extremely hard to control, yes, excellent and the world is filled with mislabels that ruin things for everyone else." The world was unfair like that sometimes, he would know.

"Making it small might help, yes."

SPOILER!!: Zander
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

"Dragons are really just misunderstood," YUP he was talking all the people who were saying stuff about dangerous and unruly and stuff. Dragons were cool. "But I guess they have the potential to be dangerous 'n all..." Well, anyways. Not going into detail here because Merlin forbid that was probably against the rules too. Wouldn't put it past Bellaire in all honesty. "And as for the rules... You could just have one and not tell anyone about it? If they don't know, they can't do anything... Right?" Like his cruppy. If his parents knew, they'd kill him. Except the didn't know. HEH.

Misunderstood. Now where had her heard THAT before? probably his wife if he really thought about it. Almost everything seemed to be 'misunderstood' when it came to that woman.

"I'm not sure I'd advise that, mostly because it could swallow you whole one day then fly off and no one would ever know because they aren't aware you have a dragon hidden away somewhere. Then if it coughs you up, you could get arrested for it after, if you aren't dead that is." See the problem?

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
The Hufflepuff shoved his hand in the air. "We can't have them because they could be a danger to people especially those who aren't trained well enough to handle them.'' Like AJ said, those people were boring. "Persons who have one or a few can change the dragon or dragons appearance or simply put a charm on them to act as a disguise.'' Heh. That was pitiful. Dragons were not meant to be disguised.

"Disguise is another excellent means of skirting the law so long as the disguise is legit enough." Imagine if it wasn't, the young Hufflepuff would only look like a ridiculous criminal and that was the least rated kind of the lot. Something to think about for another day.

Originally Posted by Tazenhani View Post

Amur squirmed forward in her seat as her hand went up. "Because they can fit a whole person in their mouth." Yup. Usually things that did that were illegal to have or be around, for obvious safety reasons. Still, they were really cool. "But I imagine that if we could breed a domestic line that wasn't partial to eating people, they would be pretty neat to have and more readily accepted, as a pet and a working creature." Like draft horses. "They're intelligent, strong, can make a good roast and fly!"

But how to breed a domestic line? "Muggles might have some ideas on how to pacify them. They keep smaller versions, like bearded dragons, just without the wings and fire-breathing." The cool stuff.

"That actually isn't a half bad idea Miss Neverwinter..." The expression that had grown on his face as he contemplated the idea made this evident enough. Huh. Imagine a smaller breed of dragon, pygmy dragons maybe that could still make a good roast.

"Something you could work toward or an idea you could sell to those more inclined." It'd be a great money maker too. Dragons were a fascination. Everyone would want one.

SPOILER!!: Kevin
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Still leaning against the door, Kevin looked at the charms professor in surprise and even shock. Was he standing up for him? What was happening?! He took a step in to the classroom after he was told to come back in but one look at the transfiguration professor and he took a step back again. What was he supposed to do here?! Bellaire had been the one to kick him out of class and she WAS more scary than Quigley but he should also listen to him. After walking a step back and forth, he finally came to the decision to enter the classroom.

He said down after Quigley's threat of losing points but then stood back up after Bellaire's threat. The Gryffindor was already angry and mixed with extreme confusion was a bad combination. Why weren't they thrown in detention? ! Stupid adults. And he had to pay respect to them when they didn't even respect their own colleagues? ! STUPID!

Finally, class started with the first question and Kevin sat down not caring about the points anymore. He listened to the question and then opened his mouth to answer.

No sound came out. Right... stupid silencing spell! They weren't going to control him when to speak right? !



He'd actually forgotten he was still silenced. Maddox would have thought the woman would remove her own spell once the boy was back at his seat but apparently not? Well, that left it up to him. With one quick cast, the spell was removed and the boy was now in control of the image he would make for himself in the minutes to come.

"Sorry about that, Mister Hirase." He could do with that apology whatever he wanted.

SPOILER!!: Bianca
Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
Bianca just kept silent watching this two Professors bickering and all that jazz. Seriously, why in the world they DECIDED to make a joint lesson if both of them could not agree just in one silly rule? Tsk.. They should feel ashamed now because they had a silly argument IN FRONT OF the students who were more mature than themselves (including her).


At least they were entertaining.

Finally the lesson had started and Quigley let them to sit since the lesson had started and they were talking about dragons. Raising her hand, the brunette girl gave her opinion. "I think because dragons could danger the wizards and muggles and only capable wizards like the dragonologist could handle them." Maybe she's the only one in this class that didn't feel excited about having the dragon. She doesn't like any kind of animals or magical creatures.

"This is very true. Yes. It takes training to be able to work with dragons and even then, though individuals can sometimes run into problems while handling the creatures."

Something some people conveniently forget.

SPOILER!!: Dante
Originally Posted by the fastest seeker View Post
And they were starting. Excellent move if you ask Dante. Because it was wiser to move on that to try crushing the other colleague. Not so professional either.

So, what were they going to talk about? Ooh, dragons. Not bad.

"Because most people will start using them the wrong way," Though was there a right way to use dragons? They were dragons!

"This is under the assumption they would be able to control them, yes?" Even in all this discussion it was important to remember that 'controlling' a dragon was like controlling the wind. You could harness its power but you couldn't truly dictate what it did. "So yes, under that hypothetical assumption, they would be banned in order to prevent their misuse at the hands of those who don't necessarily have the world's best interest at heart."

Lot of people like those walking around.

SPOILER!!: Angel
Originally Posted by Harry174 View Post
She listened to the question and then raised her hand to answer it. "We aren't allowed dragons because Muggles might see them, though I doubt it because I spent 11 years as a muggle before I got my letter to Hogwarts and all I was interested in was swimming, the latest boy band news and having tea-parties with my friends, then that turned into sleep over when I got older, so I probably wouldn't have seen one." Angel then stopped to get her breath before continuing. "Professor, do people hide them in caves and things like that to get around the rules?" Angel thought about some of the books she had read.


"Thank you for sharing with us, Miss Valentine...." Though, admittedly, he didn't need to know all that and it probably had very little to do with why they couldn't have dragons but sure. "You should also consider that the fact you haven't seen a dragon has a lot to do with the fact that none have escaped and entered into 'human territory' for ages."

When was the last dragon gone haywire story anyway?

SPOILER!!: Margo
Originally Posted by Buggy-Boo View Post
Dear Merlin!!!!! What in the world was going to happen during this lesson. Thank goodness the lesson started because her internal dilemma as to whether to sit or not was driving her batty!!!

But the lesson had officially begun so she took her seat...........and then waited to hear what the Professors were going to say. "Dragons are dangerous. With the whole breathing fire and tails and what not" Margo said smiling. "I personally wouldn't want to skirt around the rule." Margo added, she hoped that answered the question anyway.

"A safe route to take Miss Holiday considering, like many of your classmates said, a dragon is a dangerous creature that shouldn't be fiddled with."

No stereotypical thoughts going through his mind at this moment. Nope. What gave anyone that bizarrely accurate idea? Puffers.

SPOILER!!: Benny
Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post

Right...the question.

Why couldn't they have them? Well there were many given reasons by his fellow students, each of them probably right in some way. Finally he raised his own hand to give something. "We can't have them because they are misunderstood and not everyone would know or be able to handle them. And Muggles would see them but they could be disallusioned like hippogriffs and flying horses. "

"They could be disillusioned like other creatures have been, yes. The problem of control would be the real deal breaker. Like you said, the dragons aren't truly understood--and if they are then we should know that their nature doesn't lend for them to be up and about with humans--especially not muggles."

Merlin knew they were horrible enough at staying alive without the added danger of magical creatures.

Originally Posted by Squishy View Post

Anyway, there was a question about DRAGONS. Eagerly she raised her hand because she loved dragons. "People don't understand how wonderful dragons are and treat them like a scary menace that has to be dealt with. I think educating people about dragons can help them better understand and appreciate the beautiful creatures."

"Oh make no mistake, Miss Carrington, they are scary menacing creatures, but that's how they're meant to be. Dragons are to be held in awe, not tied down and domesticated. Educating would only get wizards so far. We need to learn a thing or two about distance."

Don't get him wrong, he was a fan of being able to see dragons up close at reserves but the truth was the truth. What business did they have keeping them locked in areas and restricting where they travelled?

Originally Posted by SpiritWolfe Malfoy View Post

DRAGONS!!! Awesome! Would they get to work with a dragon today? The second year sure hoped so cause that would be seriously epic! All the confusion from earlier was still there but Hady pushed it aside and focused on the lesson.

There wasn't much she could add that hadn't already been said so she kept quiet instead pulling out some parchment, her quill, both the Charms and Transfiguration textbooks and whatever else she'd need. For now note taking would do, so jotting down some notes she sat calmly her eyes looking at the cage quite often.

Well at least this one that decided to be quiet wasn't doing it out of defiance. Maddox could appreciate the fact she'd given him her attention while she took notes. There was hope for some of them yet, this little Slytherin was proof of that and perhaps later she would have something of her own to contribute to the lesson.

SPOILER!!: Cinna
Originally Posted by Saraie View Post
Mental note to self don't ever attend a joint lesson again.

Well let's see how well the rest of the lesson goes. Dragons..... She raised her hand. "I think that if you properly trained. I don't see why you couldn't have one." She would take training on dragons to keep one as long as she didn't have these two children of professors teaching it.

"The problem is that you cannot 'properly' train a dragon, Miss Bayless." Great men had tried and half those great men were dead. Man was he glad he wasn't one of them. Life was a precious thing and he liked living it. "A dragon cannot be domesticated, it's not in their nature. At the end of the day they are wild and have a thirst for freedom and the skies."

So yeah, there was a problem with having one, but he wasn't law enforcement or creature control so it didn't matter too much to him. What did matter was not having any of his students die from misinformation.

SPOILER!!: Caleb
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

"I could see where people tried to get around it, thinking if they raised the dragon from birth they'd be ok and be able to control it. It'd probably be easier to do that in a more deserted area, say...Siberia or something. I mean, a giant dragon has to fly and stretch it's wings, you wouldn't be able to keep that secret if there's people around," he explained. "But like I said - people have tried to raise tigers and stuff from kittens and that didn't work either," he finished.

"A common mistake I'll have to agree. Raise it from birth, call it your baby, think it's only playing when it singes your hair the first couple times then call it love when it roasts you alive." People were weird, their ideas of domestication were weird and he didn't think he wanted to get into that too much.

"Excellent point Mister Newell." No, seriously. He hoped they were taking notes on this. He didn't want anyone dying on his account some time in the distant future.

SPOILER!!: Grayson
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
Still smiling widely, the Slytherin raised his hand up in the air. "Dragons are freaking awesome." Among other words he could mention but Dima WAS in this classroom so...... "See, people say that they're dangerous and will kill you or whatever which is fair enough but I feel like that's kiiiiinda the scared part of them talking. People are kinda scared of them so they decided to not allow other people to have them. Safety and all." Which was kinda ruining the fun, if you asked him. "And then there's the whole magic part and letting people know that this world exists."

"People can keep them for themselves, which is illegal and all, but that doesn't mean that it's not possible." Juuuuust saying.

Was it just him...or did this one seem REALLY amused by everything happening in the classroom so far? Snort. Leave it to a Slytherin. Maddox let him have it; even he was willing to admit the earlier display was ridiculous completely Bellaire's fault for the record.

"The fear is one reason they are kept off the 'allowed' list. Their power is the kind that you don't mess around with all willy nilly and we certainly can't have them flying around defenseless muggles braver than Godric Gryffindor himself." He knew the type though he could never figure what made them so confident.

If he walked around without magic he wouldn't go poking half the things he did. Just saying.

SPOILER!!: Janelle
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Thankfully, Professor Charms called class to order and they were allowed to sit. Then he threw out a question about dragons. Janelle raised her hand to give her thoughts on the topic. "I think we aren't allowed to have dragons because they're dangerous. If you aren't trained to handle them and don't know what you're doing, you could get hurt or killed." Still, Janelle thought that dragons were totally cool and she would love to see one up close. As for how to get around the rule, she wasn't sure. She did know that where there was a will there was a way and people always found ways to get around the rules.

"Precisely. There is a risk for getting yourself hurt or dead if you decide to try messing with creatures that were not meant to be interfered with. Thank you Miss Guidry." Something else they should take note of.

SPOILER!!: Cutty
Originally Posted by SlytherinSistah View Post

Cutty braced himself for the ethereal whisp of Beverly Wayne's enthusiasm from where he stood as the first word of the topic leaped out. Dragons. Putting a hand up he had this to offer, "I can't imagine dragons would make terribly good pets. They're bigger than us for one and it takes an awfully lot of magic to control them, more than yer average wizard or witch could muster on his or her own, being that they are magical creatures. Also, they need alorra space to survive. Though, yer might get around this if yer cleveh with undetectable extension charms to assure they're enclosure is spacious enough and amplifying magic like Ancient Runes. Oh, and yew'd probably want to be well skilled at healing and disillusionment charms as well as vanishing spells for cleanliness reasons." Ah, poop. The great comforting thought.

He thought about the other answers in class and rubbed the edge of his tie at the things Zeke, Paloma and Dante B. were saying. What sort of unhealthy diversions, Robles? H'mm, what sort?

Aaaannndddd Mister Mordaunt wanted to remain standing as well. He would admit he was disappointed with this one, given the lesson had started and most everyone had taken a seat but he wouldn't physically be forcing anyone into a seat if they preferred to stand until directed otherwise so...moving on to the boy's response.

"Yes, exactly. This is half the problem. Their massive size and power. It would take a lot to keep them under control and under control they wouldn't be themselves. It's quite the dilemma."

He would admit he liked the idea of the undetectable extension charms to give them room to roam. Definitely.

Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
Kate's mom was a Dragonologist, and she was even a Dragon Research in the Ministry. Quigley didn't want a Ministry answer, though. He wanted a Kate answer. She raised her hand. "We're not allowed to have them, because they aren't ours to have," she said. Well, it was true. Dragons shouldn't belong to humans. "Also because they're meant to be in a different environment and not confined to somebody's property. We can't easily control them, so there's no telling what they would do if we tried to." She had no idea how anybody could skirt the rule, but she was guessing the professors had some way to teach them.

This might have been one of the most fundamental and most accurate of the responses thus far. "Precisely, Miss Addison. We did not bring them into this world and have no claim to them. It's not fair to rob them of their freedom for our amusement." Not that that stopped the wider wizarding world.

"Confinement doesn't suit a dragon very well."

Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Well, her small protest hadn't done anything. Quigley just told them all to shut up and move on. With a defeated smile, Evie got down from her chair before plopping her bum into it instead. But before they moved on, she spotted Dante out of the corner of her eye give her a thumbs up. Evie grinned a little and gave him a little wave. She'd have to catch him after class.

And onto dragons... Evie pondered the subject and raised her hand. "Well, they're dangerous, for one reason. And I think there should be some kind of general rule that you shouldn't have a pet that's bigger than you. Dragons are independent creatures; they're not meant to be pets." If we left them alone, they'd probably be fine. The muggles would freak out, but... whatever.

Oh, she'd gotten off the chair. Well, he'd thought it was a good stand while it lasted and why not with all the crazy that was going around the room anyway? Still, he was glad she'd opted to sit unlike a few in the class that were adamant they would remain standing. Hah. Fat chance Bellaire would remember to grant them permission with the class having already moved on.

"I fully agree with you on that one Miss Shacklebolt." What did one do with something of tremendous size? If it got annoyed at you one day it could snap you in two without a second's thought. "Their independence doesn't go well with holding them as someone's personal possession. Those two concepts don't mesh well." YOU try explaining to a dragon that it belonged to you.

Originally Posted by lemon View Post
AHSJDKDV DRAGONS? They were gonna talk about DRAGONS?

Where was Kyroh?

"I think that no one should be allowed to HAVE dragon because they're living creatures and are not to be owned. But we shouldn't have to go to reservations or something to see them!! They deserve to be free and out and about and anywhere they please, just like US because that is fair." Nod. Nod nod. Bit off on a tangent, but so TRUE.

Although having a pet dragon would be awesome.

"Thank you Mister Toussaint, perfectly right. Like I was saying to Miss Addison just now, we did not bring dragons into this world and therefore have no true claim to 'possessing' them outside of our might and drive to conquer." 'Our' being a generalization rather than a specification of course but he didn't think he'd need to explain all that. The boy was a sharp one maybe too sharp sometimes.

"Dragons shouldn't be confined, it's not healthy and may even stunt their growth depending on the kind of confinement." But he wasn't the CoMC Professor and wouldn't be going too much into that EITHER.

Originally Posted by Grrr..Meow View Post
Echo was really happy that she was following the older students because they seemed to know what they were doing.. and wait... dragons... *gulp* they were way to big and scary. Maybe thats why she loved her mouse Klein so much, so tiny and cute. Raising her hand she gave a venture at an answer "Professors, maybe we are not allowed to have them because they are so dangerous, mostly their fire that comes from their mouths?" didn't want anyones houses to burn down now did we. Lowering her hand after she finished she sat and listened to everyone else's answers.

Maddox nodded at the response offered by the young Slytherin. "They are dangerous, yes, and for this reason there are laws that prevent us from owning them. For our own safety really because not everyone exercises common sense." Unfortunately.

SPOILER!!: Kyroh
Originally Posted by Kaos.Doodles View Post
Kyroh was starting to get upset with some peoples answers. Really really really upset.

His hands were balled up into fists and his head was placed on his desk. He couldn't voice his answer either because this was CATMAN'S and Bellaire's class. As Dima spoke Kyroh raised his head a tiny bit and nodded. Slowly his hand went up. "We aren't allowed to have them because like Dima said we just shouldn't. We don't know how to take care of them, and a lot of people don't know the first thing about dragons. They aren't like kneazles or goldfish, they know how to take care of themselves and if we try to step in we might make matters worse. Thats why everyones thinks dragons are so vicious and dangerous. Probably cause when people first tried to take them they had to act in self defence. I figure Dragons are really nice and friendly but they are only a product of their environment and living on reservations and possibly being taking care of by someone who doesn't know how to take care of you is a sucky environment."

......but seeing as HE knew how to take care of dragons that meant he should have one as a FRIEND. Not a pet.

Lookit that, he wouldn't consider the boy new and reformed but he was making a positive contribution to the class and that went a long way right about now. "Thank you for expounding on Mister Toussaint's point. Well said." But he'd just finished explaining the fact they didn't put dragons here and have no claim to them; he didn't want to have to go through all that again. Evidently Mister Scabior was on point here.

"There is one thing though; dragons are dangerous. Whether intentionally or not is debatable but their size and power renders them a hazard to safety so it's not that we think they're dangerous but, rather, we know they are. Well stated though."

He wasn't even being sarcastic, fancy that.

SPOILER!!: Penelope
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Dragons? Would they be doing something that involved dragons? What did this have to do with charms and transfiguration? They would have had a CoMC lesson if they were going to be working with real dragons, right? The notice for the lesson had said that they would need bravery and a strong stomach. Penelope was not sure that she had those. She was worried about why they would need bravery and a strong stomach. "Most people wouldn't know what they were doing if they had a dragon, and that wouldn't be good for the dragon or any people near it."

"Correct and this makes it even more dangerous. If you don't know how to handle them you're not likely to be living for long." You think more people would realize this but they were too busy WANTING and wanting some more. "I like to think the dragon would be able to take care of itself, it'd probably liberate itself first chance it got. I'd be more worried about the human."

Perhaps 'worried' was too strong a word...really if you were dumb enough to try keeping a dragon all willy nilly you probably deserved it.

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"Professor... I don't think it's wise to get around the rule at all," he said, referring to the second part of his question. "If we could just... coexist... that'd be cool, y'know?" One not owning the other, one not threatening or feeling threatened by the other. It would be neat.

"Fair enough." He said with a small, understanding nod. Not everyone had a thing about getting around regulations. Years of meeting different people taught him that. You had the ones that boldly broke rules, the kind that skirted them and the kind that did nothing about them.

"Nothing wrong with leaving things the way they currently are."

With the last of the responses finished Maddox went back to the ropic at hand. "Like many of you said, dragons are dangerous and would make horrible pets. As some of your classmates mentioned, we should not be domesticating these beasts. They are independent and thrive best when they are free. Not to mention the harm one can bring on themselves just trying to own one." It just didn't seem worth it in the end.

"Now I asked some ways to skirt the law of 'no owning dragons' and while many of you gave some interesting suggestions, there's one you all overlooked. One that's perfectly legal, convenient and the swish of a wand away."

Was it a swish? He....actually didn't remember. When did he ever really need such a spell?

The chalk got busy writing before coming to a stop again.

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Dragon Creation Spell
"The fact we have no 'claim' to dragons changes after you've learned to make one for yourself because then you did in fact create it and have full ownership of it. How is this possible? Simple. You transfigure your own but that's not my area of expertise so at this point I'll hand over to Professor Bellaire for her to give some information on the spell and get you started."
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