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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Ugh, this was getting further than it needed to. It...honestly wasn't that serious and he couldn't be bothered with the back and forth. It was exhausting and considering the class had only JUST started, it would be ridiculous to expect a nap.


Ehhhhhhh.....Maddox didn't remember signing up for all this. Finally, he raised his hands, quieting the students with their questions and suggestions because a glance at the clock told him they needed to get started NOW or they would never get through the idea thing.

"Alright, alright. I think it's time we get settled." Not their fault they weren't settled, he wouldn't be throwing that on them. "I'll ask you guys to sit because we'll be beginning now." Unless Bellaire figured they'd stand through the whole thing? He didn't think so. Maddox watched the chalk rise from his desk as he took another munch of his apple.

"As usual, we'll begin with a simple question or two." Hopefully they were on the same page and beyond earlier. "Dragons. Why aren't we allowed to have them and how do you think people could skirt this rule? Note, I don't mean Ministry regulated reasons, I mean why do you think the way you do about this topic."

OOC: Class has officially begun, please don't post your charrie arriving after this point unless you want to face the IC consequences ^^ we'll move this in maybe 12-18 hrs

Oh the dichotomy!

Cutty had pretended to be two different people for the two different professors and thus, it made itself into a dilemma for which persona to chose. Bellaire, though, was practically their Head of House, though and as the witch was still standing, he would not sit himself without her expressed permission. He made himself content to remain standing behind his desk (near Agatha Hapgood) when Professor Quigley asked them a question.

Cutty braced himself for the ethereal whisp of Beverly Wayne's enthusiasm from where he stood as the first word of the topic leaped out. Dragons. Putting a hand up he had this to offer, "I can't imagine dragons would make terribly good pets. They're bigger than us for one and it takes an awfully lot of magic to control them, more than yer average wizard or witch could muster on his or her own, being that they are magical creatures. Also, they need alorra space to survive. Though, yer might get around this if yer cleveh with undetectable extension charms to assure they're enclosure is spacious enough and amplifying magic like Ancient Runes. Oh, and yew'd probably want to be well skilled at healing and disillusionment charms as well as vanishing spells for cleanliness reasons." Ah, poop. The great comforting thought.

He thought about the other answers in class and rubbed the edge of his tie at the things Zeke, Paloma and Dante B. were saying. What sort of unhealthy diversions, Robles? H'mm, what sort?
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