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Caleb was calling it - this lesson was going to be a complete nightmare. He'd sat down because he was in QUIGLEY'S classroom - therefore, Quigley's rules should apply. It was a simple concept that Bellaire didn't seem to be able to grasp. The standing rule was dumb anyways, in his opinion. What was this, military school?? He wasn't sure WHY they had even agreed to this joint lesson if they clearly despised each other. Maybe Truebridge was forcing them to do it as some sort of punishment for fighting with each other...THAT made more sense.

Thank MERLIN the lesson had finally started. He raised his hand to answer the question...he had a LOT to say about dragons, actually. "I think it makes total sense to ban them as pets. It's the same kind of idea as not being allowed to have a lion or a rhino as a pet - they're much larger and stronger than you and can easily flip a switch and turn on you in a split second, which could cost you your life. They're not domesticated like dogs and cats and probably never will be. Considering they could char broil you in less than a minute, I'm ok with that," he added. Dragons were cool and all, but seriously - they could get that BBQ whipped up in five seconds flat and it was not worth the risk.

"I could see where people tried to get around it, thinking if they raised the dragon from birth they'd be ok and be able to control it. It'd probably be easier to do that in a more deserted area, say...Siberia or something. I mean, a giant dragon has to fly and stretch it's wings, you wouldn't be able to keep that secret if there's people around," he explained. "But like I said - people have tried to raise tigers and stuff from kittens and that didn't work either," he finished.

Yes. Caleb was very anti-dragons-as-pets. They were SUPER COOL to look at and hang out with for maybe an hour or so, but anything past that....he was totally fine with just hanging with pups, thank you very much.
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