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SPOILER!!: Dream Team and zomg Tanner!
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
SPOILER!!: The Team, yo!

Now see this is why they made such an awesome team. Everyone was pitching in with stuff the others had forgotten or left out. Adi nodded in Kace's direction. He had very much forgotten about the DA part.

"Yep, Zander. Nine it was.''
The Puffer went back to his book as the others volunteered more information. Norah... LOL at the Ralph thing. But she made sense too. Get got a nod of approval from her prefect. Zeke got a grin after his next contribution. SPEW was a critical aspect of Hermione's life. Adi liked how the younger ones were able to participate so much. Then he had his own bit to add.

"Your purpose is to strive for universal brother-/sisterhood,''
he quoted. "We knew she had a brother- sister relationship with Harry so we could say that she started that part of her destiny with him. One step at a time, you know.'' Eyes back on the book page, Adi continued, "Reach out and help someone. Well, we all know how more than willing she was to help Harry track down and destroy the Horcruxes. And before that she was always willing to help her fellow students especially Neville, Ron and Harry.''
Originally Posted by hpluvr037 View Post
Still roaming around the room and eavesdropping on conversations, she was satisfied that the groups were staying almost exclusively on task. She did manage to catch some interesting snippets, like Mr. Toussaint implying that her Prefect was dating his own sister. The hue of his face had been truly spectacular.

After a quick check of her watch, she cleared her throat and addressed the class. "Finish up your final thoughts and un-group, please!"
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
SPOILER!!: Dream Team, yo; i think i may have missed quotes gah BUT i read them all

Zander nodded thoughtfully as everyone contributed their own interpretations and you know... So far so good! Maybe this wasn't a hopless subject after all! And he was kind of getting it. 'Cause well of course the previous number made LOADS of sense because Hermione was like a GENIUS and knowledge and being wise was her thing! Or at least, that's what it seemed like with the little Wizard History he knew and what he had tried to gather from the Neville Longbottom biography, though that didn't provide all too much information on Hermione for obvious central topic reasons.

And nine, well that made perfect sense too! "Yeah!" This was pretty EXCITING not even gonna lie! Arithmancy was supposed to be boring and sleep inducing, but he couldn't help but feel the blood rushing through his veins and all! He was GETTING IT like truly understanding!! Which meant maybe he wouldn't fail his OWLs and all hope was restooooored! Ahem. Interpretations. Right. What was everyone saying? "This makes tons of sense, because of course the latter half of her life would be focusing on love and sisterhood and healing stuff, 'cause once you're in a family... You have to stop thinking about just yourself and think about well.... Your family too," Plus she had kids so the healing arts could be put towards that, right? 'Cause kids got sick all the time. He'd know.

"So maybe the name change really did imply a shift of her intentions in life? Since at the beginning she was real focused on properly trying to figure the world out with her knowledge 'n stuff... And then her focus later on became more shifted towards love for her family?" Maybe. It mentioned love in there somewhere. And sister/brotherhood. That too.

Yep yep... all that family stuff. He couldn't disagree with his team, they were right about that.

And then Tanner called for them to finish up...... yikes, where'd all the time go huh??? HUH???

Zeke considered what they had spoken about so far, and the types of questions that Professor Tanner had asked at the beginning of the activity. Were both of the numbers/names relevant? Was one better than the other? ... He figured they were equally weighted. Both were remarkably accurate.

"So.. with both destiny numbers, so with both names... I think they suit her really well for different parts of her like. I think though, as a Weasley it ties in part of who she was as a Granger but then also added to that with her new family life and things. So they're both important numbers but I don't think one is more important than the other."

What did they think?

Zeke closed his book, which was as packed up as he was going to get until they were dismissed.
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