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Originally Posted by PhoenixStar View Post
Okay so... this whole group thing was not working out for her, and honestly AK was just fine with that because she didn't feel much like conversing with people anyways. She would remember certain people though, she would. Anywho. Her person was Hermione and they were discussing using your birth name vs your married name.

What were her thoughts on this? "I think there is such thing as being born with a destiny and choosing your destiny." Like, obviously you couldn't help being born. Nobody asked to be here. Which was a whole different topic that could be talked about, but no need to get herself off track anymore.

Yeah, so numbers meant certain things in Arithmancy. There was no denying that. AJ wasn't so much focused on that part of it, but more of the differences between being married and being single and what that meant for you.

"I think even when you get married you are choosing that person and choosing that last name and by doing so choosing your own destiny." Oh man, did she just get deep? That felt totally deep. Plus, it was totally sane to talk to yourself. She was pretty sure about that.

Adi edged over to AJ after excusing himself from his group. He didn't have anything else to add anyway. He noticed she was alone but he hadn't noticed if she was in a group before. "Talking to yourself? Sure you haven't gone mad without me?" he teased in a light tone. He was being cautious here because AJ might snap at him again and when she did, he'd be depressed and Benny would have to cheer him up again.

"I can help you out if you like.''
But the time was almost up... though he could still add in one or two stuff that AJ had missed.
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