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The Gryffindor had half a mind to skip this class in all honesty. It wasn't that he didn't like Professor Tanner... Just... Not the biggest Arithmancy fan, you know? Actually not a huge fan of any classes more like it. Wait no, okay that was a lie. Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. Those ones were good. And Professor Flamsteed always made Astro-- Okay no. Back to the point. There was just something really unappealing about calculating the meaning of numbers. And all the math. It was always the math.

Though, he new better than to skip. If he planned on passing his OWLs-- which he totally did-- then he'd have to make an effort and that's what he was best at. The effort part, not necessarily the succeeding part. As he walked towards the room, he peered inside and assessed the class a bit. So uh, where were all his friends? Lux was there of course, but... The others? HE DIDN'T KNOW ANYONE IN HERE!! Okay, okay. That was a bit dramatic. Prefect Newell was sitting right there-- though, they had only really spoken on that awkward train ride-- and Benny and little Gryffindor Zeke.... But no one he knew that well. 'Sides, Lux was probably waiting for Cinna and Emmy to go join by her side so he wouldn't go steal their seats, he knew better. May not be an Arithmancy genius, but didn't take one of those to figure this out...

So YUP. He was going to go sit all by his lonesome. And hope that another friend would walk through the door. Please? Sophie Brown Kevin Hirase Grayson Wit--ANYONE??

As he walked in, he couldn't help but pull his jacket a little closer, 'cause woah kinda chilly, huh? "Good Morning, Professor," Actually... 9 am. Wasn't really the time to think about numbers. Sigh. Anyways, he took a slip of paper as instructed and walked to a desk that seemed to be isolated from the islands of other people in the classroom. FRIENDS?

Oh yeah, and "January 3, 2070," apparently that was important.
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