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Brooklyn wasn’t exactly expecting much as she headed up to Arithmancy. So far her expectations regarding the subject had seemed to be met, anyhow, but she felt like the professor was nice enough. Maybe too nice, really, but some people liked that. She preferred respect, but it wasn’t any fun if that came too easily. She’d take it, though, and she gave the professor a polite smile as she walked past her into the classroom. “Good morning Professor Tanner,” she said, just as politely, eye on a green piece of paper on the table that she’d already claimed as hers. She was going to be angry if someone swooped in and stole it before she could pick it up, and therefore she made a bee line over to the table and snatched it before turning to look for a seat.

Not near the windows. She was thankful she’d made sure to wear her sweater underneath her robes, given the breeze that was flowing in. She didn’t like being cold. Dropping her bag onto a desk, she sat down quickly and retrieved a pen. She wasted no time in writing her information on the paper, and then stuck a corner underneath her bag just in case it tried to blow away. She wasn’t taking any chances.

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