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Kate headed to Arithmancy class with a slight hesitation in her step. She had pinned this subject as one that would probably be her worst one. Math? Eww! At least this was Professor Tanner's class! That woman was probably the kindest and most comforting professor Kate had met so far. Kate remembered being a scared little firstie on her first night here, and Professor Tanner made her feel loads better about being away from home.

"Hello, Professor Tanner," she said, stepping into the room. Kate made her way to a desk, all the while reading the notice left for them. Nametag on the desk? She could do that. She took a piece of paper and on it wrote:

Kate Evangeline Addison
October 30, 2073

She then settled into her desk and cracked open her textbook. May as well try to figure out a little about the subject before the lesson got started.
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