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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Louisa was getting to the dancing part. In a minute. When she felt the music rather than had it go right through her head. Her eyes saw him, though, and she felt her lips twitch before drawing a small smile, and her eyes stung with tears of relief. Thinking of new memories and look who showed up. Him. Józsua.

His words made her let out a light laugh. He still remembered that? Did she sound so mysterious when she said it at the festival? Her fingers slipped between his, it was not quite like holding his hand but a little tender touch was nice. "Maybe I need a little help." She kept her smile, but moved closer to him. "Hi, Jos--Józsua." hehe

He didn't seem like he had been dancing, so what was he doing on the dais? He went to this school, too, obviously? Or was he just accompanying someone? Louisa didn't ask. They had a pact and she was sticking to it whether they ran into each other in the most unexpected places or not. She shoved all the bouncing curious questions to the back of her head. Merlin knew this was good exercise for her career, whew, Bott wouldn't fall victim to his mind's whims and mess his pacts with people. Mhmmmm.
The laugh. Józsua smiled wider, not so shy this time. He worried she wouldn't appreciate him approaching her like this, but those thoughts had been quashed by that small gesture. Paranoid he was sometimes. He really needed to learn that people wanted his company as much as he wanted theirs. He touched her fingers lightly in return. 'Hey, you'.

She remembered his unusual name. Bravo, Louisa! He was impressed. “Would you like to dance?” He asked, the tenseness in his eyes leaving and making way for a mirthful glint instead. He bowed his head in a playful manner and offered his other hand.

So Louisa had attended Hogwarts.. hardly surprising for a British witch. Józsua wondered what she'd been like then.. Which house had been lucky enough to get her?
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