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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
She felt his arm comfortably slide around her waist. "Thank you," she responded in kind. It did look rather good and it had turned out well. Of course, there were things she wished she could change, but that was the insufferable perfectionist in her.

"Please," she responded, making her glass vanish. Ivy slid her fingers in between his and placed the other behind his shoulder. "Thank you for coming," she added, following his lead. She knew he would come, but she also knew that he had been busy doing his own thing and not helping. But she was glad he was here.
Of course. "I wouldn't be anywhere else," Erik lied smoothly, starting to take a few steps with Ivy. Personally, he had many places he would rather be, and found Ivy's continued fascination with the Board of Governors rather boring. But that was him. He hadn't attended this school....fortunately.

"You can relax now," he gave her a tiny, tiny smile. "I'm here." He made all parties better, or at least more exciting.
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