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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Well, well. She had done alright hadn't she? Well, they all did, she supposed, but Ivy wanted this moment for herself. She drained her glass and looked around at all the people who had showed up and all those who were still filtering in. There were a lot of young people, and a good amount of older people. Some older than her, which felt good. Not that she was OLD.
"You look beautiful," Erik murmured as he appeared behind Ivy, sliding his hand around her waist. "As does everything else here." She had done an amazing job, all things considered. He himself hadn't helped because he had more important things to do, but Ivy...had outdone herself. She had put in more work than anyone else and it showed. Truly.

He picked up her hand with one of his and intertwined their fingers. "Dance?"
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