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Default Plus Lando! Sorry I missed it. Boo Touz, you suck.
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Speaking of Legend.... there was Lando, the boy that had punched Legend right in the face for kissing Neptune. She returned a smile, but she had yet to forgive.

Originally Posted by Tegz View Post

"Good for him." If Legend spent too much time making eyes at her though, Jim would gouge them out, and then lets see how he did being Mr. Head Auror. It wasn't that he didn't like Legend it was just that Jim was done with people trying to steal the women he loved right out from under him. Once was enough. Even if he was better off with Neptune than he was with Cassie, he HAD loved her and been happy... and one time was enough.

"Plymouth Morgan can take care of himself." Jim said with a little laugh. "And failing that... he came with a minder didn't he?"
Well. Tune was still working on fixing that whole.... situation. "He'll probably not notice us," she assured needlessly, then gave HIM one of her three promised kisses. Legend didn't mean any harm, but.... but well...

Well. Tune focused back on their task at hand. "A minder!" she had to giggle at that. "A McKenna, you mean. Very pretty." Pause. "Can I be your minder, James Wilkes?" Teeheeehehe She totally was. Neptune Bott: Jim's Minder.

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Ivan walked as quietly as he could behind James which wasn’t as quietly as he would have liked given the shoes and the floor but hopefully he wouldn’t notice. Giving Neptune a wink he stood behind them and debated jumping on his back of picking him up. Hmmm.

Giving Kalla a small smile he let go of her arm and wrapped both his arms around James. He lifted him off the ground and laughed, “Jim!!!!” He said putting him back down and grinning. He smiled at Neptune and gave her a nod, “Hi, Neptune. Are you two EVER getting married?” Seriously…they had been playing that game for ages.

Startled, Neptune stepped back and away when Jim was lifted up and away from her. She was prepared to PROPERLY tongue lash someone that would be so uncouth and manhandly on a dance floor.... but then it was only Ivan. Instead of a telling off, she only gave him a nose wrinkle of non-approval. Hmph.

But then he threw that question at her and Neptune's whole body flushed. It wasn't exactly embarrassment, but it was an uncomfortable-making question, particularly in front of some strange woman that Neptune didn't particularly like the look of.


Botts don't have to answer such nosy questions, so she gave Ivan a haughty shrug. "I daresay it will take a shade longer than it took you," Neptune JUDGED Ivan.
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