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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Louisa meandered over to the dance floor, even though she wasn't in the mood for dancing. This was the staff dais, it was very ironic that they set the dance floor and the refreshments here, did they do it on purpose? A sarcastic smile found its way to her red lips. Her last memory here was when she handed over her Head Girl badge, and the headmistress' cursed brooch. She'd heard nice things from Truebridge back then, and they made her feel proud and a tiny bit better than she had originally felt on her last month here.

No. She wasn't allowed to keep thinking back to that last day, what the heck. She was going to make new memories in this hall and just stick to them. Determined Louisa went up to the dance floor and just stood there among the swaying bodies.
Józsua was here. And he wasn't even sure why he was here. Olly wasn't with him, so what was the point? To be reminded of just how few friends he had? Or to see things he really didn't want to see?

His stomach was all squirmy.. anxious. And he felt himself regressing into his shell.. He felt like he was.. well.. back at school again..

Bad decisions.

Maybe he could just leave. He hadn't even seen any of his old classmates yet. He was heading around the perimeter of bodies on the dancefloor toward the refreshments table to get a drink, which was situated where the staff dais usually was.. when he saw her.

Louisa. Louisa Carter.

He couldn't forget that name in a hurry.

His nerves retracted just a little and he watched her for a few moments. She wasn't dancing. Where was Edgy!Girl with the hips that don't... erm.. lie..?

He took a breath.. debating things.... and then approached her.

“This is a step beyond edgy.” He smiled shyly. “Louisa.”
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