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Originally Posted by Mad Eye Touz View Post

Except her. Neptune lit up like a star. She always did like being his exception. And she pretty much told him what to do all the time anyway.

La la la... twirl.... ah contented twirl... Neptune Bott really did get any and everything she wanted. Maybe she was spoiled?

That was good news about the window seat because she had someone installing it in the morning. She settled against him and finally REALLY let her eyes travel the room. "Mr. Head Auror is supposed to come," she casually slipped that in. "I hope Jake, too." And she hoped they both wore something nice and had their hair cut. But probably more urgent, "And Ola says we should keep an eye on Plymouth."

"Good for him." If Legend spent too much time making eyes at her though, Jim would gouge them out, and then lets see how he did being Mr. Head Auror. It wasn't that he didn't like Legend it was just that Jim was done with people trying to steal the women he loved right out from under him. Once was enough. Even if he was better off with Neptune than he was with Cassie, he HAD loved her and been happy... and one time was enough.

"Plymouth Morgan can take care of himself." Jim said with a little laugh. "And failing that... he came with a minder didn't he?"

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