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Originally Posted by Squishy View Post
Laughing, Lima knew that they must both be thinking about the same thing since they were both back at Hogwarts. "If you're wondering what mischief River is getting up to, then yes." That child could be too much to handle, but fortunately he managed to stay out of trouble...for the most part.

It felt amazing to dance with Mads. Sighing happily, she held him close and smiled as he kissed her cheek. "And you look as handsome as ever. Remember when we had that dance off years ago?" Haha, he had kicked her butt.
Mads laughed. They were always so in sync with each other. They always had been. He couldn't believe after so many years how much more in love with her he was every day. "That boy is almost as bad as me. Almost." He obviously wasn't as bad because Maddox had done completely illegal things when he was younger.

He chuckled. No one knew he had dance moves. He was pretty awesome. "Who doesn't remember. I'm sure I could still kick your butt." He grinned and kissed her nose. "I wonder if Nico is coming. I haven't seen him in forever." He didn't want to get his hopes up though.

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