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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"I don't like people telling me how to live my life." That was all. Wait. Oh. Exception. "Except you. Sometimes." Only SOMETIMES. Couldn't let her win every battle.

Jim turned her around so that he was behind her and wrapped his arms around her, still dancing.

"Three kisses." He kissed her cheek. There was one. Good start. "You already HAVE flowers named after you. And an entire garden. Don't be greedy." Pause. "But you can have the window seat."

And she could never be ugly. Except when she cried. Neptune Bott was an ugly crier.

Except her. Neptune lit up like a star. She always did like being his exception. And she pretty much told him what to do all the time anyway.

La la la... twirl.... ah contented twirl... Neptune Bott really did get any and everything she wanted. Maybe she was spoiled?

That was good news about the window seat because she had someone installing it in the morning. She settled against him and finally REALLY let her eyes travel the room. "Mr. Head Auror is supposed to come," she casually slipped that in. "I hope Jake, too." And she hoped they both wore something nice and had their hair cut. But probably more urgent, "And Ola says we should keep an eye on Plymouth."
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