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Originally Posted by JeshieRAWR View Post
Isla had been walking down the second floor corridor, past the suits of armour when she thought she had heard something. She turned quickly, hearing a metal sound, and seeing nothing. She squinted her eyes and walked up to one of the suits of armour, tapping on one of them. They couldn't move...could they?

She shrugged off the thought and turned back around, heading down when she heard metal sounds moving all about behind her and she turned and nothing was there again. She marched up to one of the suits and said, "I know you're moving and I know karate! So I could basically kick off your head."

Yeahhh, no one would think she was crazy talking to a suit of armour, right?
Vinnie was just walking around aimlessly thinking of what had just happened at the healer's. She didnt know if she rally wanted to sit through all of it. Everything could just stay the way it was, right?! Sigh. Why did it have to be so complicated.

Usually she would try to get over it with a burger or a massive piece of cake...but nah. Absolutely nah.

Walking around the second floor the brunette heard some noises coming from further down. What on earth was going on here? Had she missed something? It wouldnt be a surprise. She had kind of missed everything the past months. Sigh.

As the Slytherin got closer she heard a voice, a very familiar voice. What was Isla doing here? Leaning on the wall Vinnie watched her best friend talk to one of the suits of armor...what the hell was she on? Did she have too many donuts again? After a few more minutes she couldnt keep it in anymore and started laughing. This was such a sight.

"What on earth are you doing there?"
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