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Austin ended up falling into a rhythm that was similar to Gregoire's. Scrub scrub scrub. Dip, squeeze. It was a monotone kind of rhythm, and if Austin Moore wasn't standing up, he probably would have fallen asleep right then and there. It was such a simple, boring task, that it seemed useless that they were doing it. Surely they could get this done faster with magic. The Professors didn't need to use students to clean the school. Then again, they probably thought this was a better means of disciplining than writing lines a bunch of times over. He had read stories in his first year about a teacher that used to use a quill that engraved into your hand the sentence you were writing. After thinking about that, maybe it was better that they were doing this.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a strange whistling. It was definitely a song for random whistling didn't have a melody to it. It wasn't any sort of Wizard song, it couldn't be. He knew most of them. This had to be some sort of muggle song. He could imagine some sort of beat to back that up, something fun and up beat. The scrubbing became bearable with Gregoire's whistling, believe it or not. "Hey Snake." Okay, so he wasn't exactly the nicest Ravenclaw in the house, but he didn't mean anything bad by it this time. It had sort of become a nickname in his head that Gregoire was called 'The Snake', and it had always had a harsh thought following it. But this time it came out in a more fun teasing way. "Whatchya whistling there?" Hopefully Gregoire got that he wasn't trying to be rude.
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