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When the professor paused, his heart sank. There really was a lot of armor on the floor, and cleaning all of it would take hours. But then again, he wasn't doing it alone. Even if Gregoire wasn't his favorite person ever, he was an extra body, and if they were going to get any of this done, they had to work together. He found this was a smarter idea, then doing everything himself. The Ravenclaw way.... right?

He turned and faced The Snake, and took a deep breath. There wasn't any point in fighting this. "So..." He began. "One cleans the other polishes?" He was hoping the Slytherin would agree to this, but it wouldn't surprise him if he didn't. Gregoire did not look happy. Then again Austin wasn't the happiest Hippogriff in the bunch either. But getting this done faster was better than doing it alone.

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