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Austin walked down the second corridor towards the suits of armor. He was wearing his robes from last year, and since he had grown a lot, and they were really small on him. His socks could easily be seen at the bottom of his pants, and the sleeves of his robes ended way before his wrists. He hoped he wasn't too late, it was a struggle getting the robes on. These were the only ones he had that were old. Why he had brought them, he didn't know. Actually, he didn't even remember packing them. His dad must have packed them just in case.

When he arrived at the suits of armour, Professor Tanner and Gregoire were already there. Great. He thought. I'm late. He really didn't bother apologizing, seeming as the clock did say seven. He wasn't late, but he wasn't early either. "Hey." He said awkwardly.

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