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Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
The sass was strong in this one.

It made Grayson raise his eyebrows to hear the words the Prefect was saying. "Someone has their sassy pants today." WAS he the sassy type? The boy wasn't sure, for some reason. It seemed like Caleb could rock back and forth between the two. Full of surprising things, this one.

Lulz. LOL. Would he love to have Caleb stalking him? Maybe his ego would but that wasn't the point. And speaking of egos...... "Looks like I'm not the only one with an ego around here." And he didn't know whether to feel proud or, funnily enough, slightly threatened. Of Caleb. CALEB. Snort. "How's the new bought of power suiting you?" There was no point in expecting Caleb to let him in on some secrets of the job, was there?
Sassy pants? Caleb had to be sassy when dealing with Grayson. He smirked and rubbed his prefect badge with his thumb. "I think you're getting ego mixed up with well deserved pride in myself," he told him with a grin. After all, he had EARNED this badge and had EARNED the right to be smug about it. It was more than he could say for Grayson, hehe.

"Suiting me very well, thanks. Although, I have to the uh, meeting...sticking up for Ruby...that good call, mate," he told him softly. Yes, he was paying him a compliment. No, he wasn't happy about it, but it was happening anyways. Caleb believed in giving credit where credit was due. If only more people had tried to stand up in the meeting, maybe it'd have ended differently.
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