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Why was he here? He had no. Freaking. Idea. And the last time he was here, it hadn't gone down well for him at all. He specifically remembered accidentally stunning Agatha -- MUCH to his pleasure -- and looking like he had taken part in a serious battle of the armours. What a fun event, man, even if he wished that he could have left Agatha in her stunned state for as long as possible. Not bothered to help. Nope.


Like last time, he was strolling along this corridor with his hand tucked into his pockets and without a care in the world for, generally, anything. Why WAS there a need to care? He only stressed himself out when he did so there was no point. But, as he stood in front of the statues and tilted his head at them, he couldn't help but wonder why they were stationed like THAT. Kinda funny, wasn't it? HMMMM.

HMMMM indeed.

Deciding to concentrate on one suit of armour, Grayson looked it up and down and leant and clooooooosely as possible to see into the visor where the eyes would be. Move. C'mon. Do what it did the LAST time. He was kinda interested to know what exactly got it to move and all and whether there was a way to get it to fight for you. Who could say no to their own army?

And if it whacked him, he was prepared. Just saying.
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