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Welcome back, Slytherin students, to another fantastic year at Hogwarts! I'm Caleb Newell, your new Slytherin male prefect, and I'm very excited to get another awesome term underway. To help our Slytherin students achieve greatness (like we need any help though, right?!?) this board will be updated with homework, lessons, happenings around the school, and other information to help you make the most of your time here at Hogwarts.

If you have any questions or ever need any assistance, please contact me, my lovely co-prefect Miss Beverly Wayne, or our Head of House, Healer Cecelia Tillstorm-Murdoch.

Thanks and let's have a great year!

Here you can find links to lessons that are happening RIGHT NOW! Let's go get Slytherin those points! Remember, do NOT post yourself arriving late - just pretend you were in class the entire time. Failure to do so could result in lost house points! Also please be sure to review the rules for THAT particular class set by that professor, as professors have different rules for different subjects.


Ancient Runes Lesson 1 - Shapeshifting Runes - Class has started, please do NOT post arriving late.

Charms 2/Transfiguration 2 - There are two parts to this lesson. Class has started, please do NOT post arriving late!

Here are links to lessons that have recently finished that contain material that will help you with your homework.

Charms Lesson 1 - Pick On Someone Your Own Size.
Astronomy Lesson 1 - The Halloween Sky
Arithmancy 1 - What's in a Name?
Divination 1 - Felidomancy
Muggle Studies Lesson 1 - Muggle Post
Transfiguration 1 - Human Transfiguration
Herbology Lesson 1 - Toadstools
History of Magic 1 - Hogwarts Founders
CoMC Lesson 1 - Porlocks
Potions Lesson 1 - Trust Me-Self Potion

Homework is NOT mandatory, but HIGHLY encouraged since homework gives us Slytherins POINTS! Assignments will be posted here so you can easily access the posts, as well as due dates so you can pencil everything into your planner!

Remember to check each professor's guidelines on submitting homework before sending it off! Some professors prefer email over PM, or vice versa. Submitting incorrectly = ZERO points for you and us!

Create Your Own Potion Workshop! This is NOT homework, nor is it mandatory, however it's a great way to get your character experience with potions and a fantastic opportunity to interact with new people and make friends! Let's show those other houses that we live in the dungeons for a reason, eh? Click here to read another important announcement about the workshop!
History of Magic HW 1 - There are TWO options for this homework - either write a few paragraphs, OR present your work from class in an RP. Due February 17th @ 11:59 EST
Potions Homework 1 - Test your potion from class! Due February 22nd @ 6:59 PM EST

When submitting homework, you will be required to post your User ID in the homework as well so professors can easily input your personal points into the house point system. To find your User ID, simply click on your username and look at the URL. It should look something like this:

See those numbers bolded at the end of the URL? THAT is your User ID. Please remember to put that in the heading to all your assignments as they will not be able to give you points if you forget!

All graphics courtesy of the lovely Deezerz!
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