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Default *casually continues convo from the platform*
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AJ was officially stepping foot on the train now which meant that she was one step (heh) closer to being at Hogwarts which meant that she would have access to Adi for an extended period of time, and that was about the only thing she was looking forward to... with the exception of a few fun classes.

Her luggage was stowed away and she walked to the back of the train where she knew she would find the boyfriend. Once she spotted him, she went over and practically sat on top of him. "You know the next time you wave a chocolate frog in front of my face I WILL bite his head off and eat him in front of you." Fair warning. Not to mention that she knew Adi would never deny her his endless supply of frogs.

This was going to be a long ride so AJ decided to make herself a bit more comfy. She threw her feet up and Adi's lap and wiggled herself down into a better position. "So, what are you most looking forward to doing once we are back at Hogwarts?"
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