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Originally Posted by WeasleyGirl View Post
Hugo sat down on the opposite side of the blonde guy. Maybe he was waiting for someone else and he had taken over the compartment? oh well. "Reading what?"asked trying to get a glimpse of the book. He couldn't help but to let a soft laugh when hearing the guy's name. "Nemo? Like the clown fish from the muggle movie?" that was funny "Cool name though. Why did they named you like that?" simply curiosity amigo.

He shook Nemo's hand fin and he remembered that last term he wouldn't shake Paloma's hand but he was just doing it to annoy her and he was going to stick to the plan. "I'm Hugo Foster, second year Slytherin" said with a nod. "So, where were you attending before Hogwarts?"
Nemo showed him the book. It was one of his favorites. "The three musketeers" This is probably where the fifth year's love of fencing had come from. So many swashbuckling stories. "No, not like the clown fish. My father named me and I know for a fact he's never seen that flim." It was rather annoying. "I'm not sure why they decided to call me Nemo." But Grimm was his last name.. He wasn't sure Nemo fit him, it meant no one...and a no one was not something he was.

He shook the boy's hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Hugo." And a Slytherin to boot. Merlin, Nemo always wanted to be a Slytherin but oh well. The dusty old hat said otherwise didn't it? "Homeschooled, i had a tutor and junk."

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