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Originally Posted by itsgisselx3 View Post
When the girl walked over to him, he freaked out a little because he didn't exactly know what she was about to do. His body tensed up but he waited to see what was going to happen. If she attacked him, he could just run away REALLY fast. Why didn't she just stay there where she was???

But then she said she was going to help him and he immediately start to calm down. Okay, so maybe Hogwarts kids were nice. But after Cordy had told him that some Slytherins were just plain mean to people for no reason, he had been freaking out about getting bullied. He was small, after all. Even Timmy was taller than him.

"Than-" He began to say but then she was telling him her name. Cordelia. And then CORDY. WUT. HOW?!?!?! His brain was moving too fast for him to take it all in.


His heart began beating fast again but only from excitement this time. She had no idea that he was the Ollie! Shaking his head fast, he beamed up at her and finally said, "CORDY. I'M OLLIE. I DON'T KNOW WHERE MY SISTER IS BUT I FOUND YOU. CORDY!"

She took acouple of steps forward towards making her way towards the front cars, but then stopped not sure if the young boy was following behind her and she stopped and turned around seeing that he was all beamy and was frozen solid like a statue. She raised her eyebrow in confusement not sure if she accidentally froze him but was sure she didn't have her wand out or said the charm to freeze him so she immediately started walking back to him before he bursted out his name was Ollie. Now SHE froze. Was this really a joke? Was this all some strange coincidence or just luck to bring these two together? The have spoke for the last two-three years, but never officially MET...and now...there he was! THERE'S OLLIE!!!

On the outside Cordelia was still. She was completely frozen in shock, but on the inside her mind was racing around so frantically. Pretty soon, her excitement was gonna come bursting out. OHMIGOSH OLLIE!! CORDELIA THERE IS OLLIE!!! OLLIE!!! OH SWEET MERLIN ITS REALLY OLLIE!!! HE'S FINALLY HERE AND HE'S COMING TO HOGWARTS!!It took her a couple more seconds to then realize what she was thinking in her mind to burst out of her mouth really loud, but she didn't care. "OHMIGOSH OLLIE!!!!!!!" She ran over to him and just couldn't help herself but just wrap her arms around him and just hug him. You would think she found a lost puppy or something, but nope. She had FINALLY met Ollie. "Oooooooohmigosh I can't believe its really you!"
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